The WE MAKE PEACE learning materials in brief

We are introducing a varied educational program entitled WE MAKE PEACE that can be implemented directly into the lesson plans for the 8-12 yrs age group in both public and private schools and After School Programs.

The program is a social and emotional learning program that provides students with the tools and knowledge of how to practice peace in their everyday environment. Only by practicing peace do we become good peacemakers. Hence the children will be writing about peace, debating, acting, designing, cooking and composing songs and lyrics about peace.

By actively taking part in projecting an anti-bullying and anti-crime message throughout the school and local community the children become active peace pioneers and responsible leaders of their community.
The content of each lesson cover themes of: 

P for Positivism, E for Empathy, A for Acceptance, C for Compassion, and E for Equality

• Human Rights

• Anti-Bullying Principles

• Non-violent Conflict Resolution

• Sustainability.

In addition our materials are tried and tested successfully in hundreds of schools in Denmark and have been proven through pilot projects implemented in school classes in the UK and in the US.

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The WE MAKE PEACE education materials are both versatile and widely relevant within the current educational framework. The lesson plans and activities can be applied to a number of subjects, must relevantly for Citizenship, English, PSHE as well as cross curricular modules in art, drama, music, food and Religious Education at Key Stage 2 & 3.

The educational pack is suitable for engaging Personal Learning and Thinking Skills, PBL (Theme or project-based-learning), Transitionary learning courses (essential Keystage 2/3) as well as off timetable courses. They also cover important OFSTED points for EWB (emotional wellbeing).



(Forty-ninth session ) RECOMMENDATION:

Peace education

Article 20. The Committee recommends that the State party, in collaboration with civil society organizations, develop and implement training programmes and campaign to promote the values of peace and respect for human rights and include the suband human rights as a fundamental subject in the education system.

Peace animals


Personal development is a vital part of the curriculum and peace education has a distinctive contribution to make in this area. The programme of study for WE MAKE PEACE provides opportunities to plan sequences of work, learning outcomes and teaching approaches that support personal development through four of the five Every Child Matters outcomes:

o      Be healthy – A healthy body and a healthy mind goes hand in hand. The WE MAKE PEACE programme of study provides the class with a variety of activities and exersices focused on both the student’s physical and mental well-being. The learning course is structured to engage the student into actively taking part through exercises emphasising every child’s right and need for well-being. The materials challenge the students to find their own answers and solutions to how you make peace in your every day live, alone, with eachother, in a group. Learning simple principles of conflict resolution gives the students confidence, self esteem and power to make positive changes in their lives.

o      Stay safe – Being safe is a basic need for all children and a preresiquite for personal development and learning. If you are not safe you are not in a good position to learn and grow as a person. WE MAKE PEACE offers a learning course about human rights and the rights of a child, as outlined in the UN convention, which is vital for an understanding of the rules that are in effect and there to protect you. The materials cover peace and safety education on an Individual, social, environmental, and global level.

o      Enjoy and achieve – The personal development skills inbuilt in the WE MAKE PEACE programme of study will provide students with valuable life-long tools for problem shooting, team working, being in charge of their own conflict resolution as well as helping others in conflict, finding the good compromise, good listening skills, getting used to preparing and making oral presentations alone and in a group, fighting for a cause, voicing your opinion, organising and taking part in discussions, events, and group activities. All of which adds to individual confidence, self esteem and positive self-image.

o      Make a positive contribution – The WE MAKE PEACE campaigns are focused around the positive outcomes of your actions, as opposed to the negatives sides of conflicts, war, disaster and poverty. The programme of study is focused on buiding social skills, finding positive solutions and generating innovative ideas to problems on an individual level, social level, environmental level and global level. With emphasis on communication skills and creative collaborations and joint composition exercises the student will be challenged to make a difference and take a stance. Contributing to a greater whole is vital for our sense of identity and worth in a society.


6 Responses to PEACE EDUCATION

  1. On behalf of global network for peace and anti-coruption initiative,we apreciate your activities towards the young children in your environment.It is indeed going to be of great impact to their development.
    Also, we will like to partner with you so that we can also adopt the same method in our country Nigeria.For more information about who we are please visit
    We anticipate your reply.

    (National co-ordinator)

    • wemakepeace says:

      Thank you for your wonderful work and for finding us here. We are always looking for partners in peace!
      Please let us know how we may be helpful to your work. Best wishes and please keep in contact.

  2. Dan Stratton says:

    I am interested in your mission to promote both character education and peacemaking. I am also dedicated to these missions and have invented a way to defend and stand up for yourself safely, without violence: Safe-Defense, Karate’s Missing Peace. I can’t carry the mission of Safe-Defense alone and I’m in need of a loving and knowledgeable teacher. I am looking for a teacher who is a warrior centered in peace and compassion. I’m a black belt and a teacher myself and have done much work in developing a True self-defense where as neither the attacker nor defender is injured. You can view my method ‘Safe-Defense’ free at: I apologize for the amateur animations. They’re brief and instructive to everyone and anyone.
    Do you have interest in collaborating to further develop and promote Safe-Defense as a non-violent, problem solving self defense? I would be very interested in speaking.
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Dan Stratton

  3. Mukhuta Muhiana John says:

    peace,love and unity message from yours

  4. kosgei says:

    this is a wonderfull initiative that will turn the world one family.

  5. Abdul razzaq Mughal says:

    I really appreciate your peace work through education in children. so Me is also interested to become a part of your peace program and also wish to deliver these peace projects Pakistan children.

    thanks & regards.

    Abdul Razzaq Mughal
    advocate high court
    new block,
    district courts.

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