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WE MAKE PEACE work to raise peace awareness and implement peace education in schools and after schools for the 8-12yr age group, through tried and tested learning programs, workshops and campaigns to build sustainable, non-violent cultures and communities.

Our aim is to re-invent the concept of peace as an ideal for young people to aspire to, to build strong foundations for peace within each individual, in the classroom, and in society.

The WE MAKE PEACE programs fit into the social, emotional curriculum, designed to show and inspire each individual how to make peace in their near environment. Through empowering non-violent conflict resolution and personal life skills that enhances empathy and compassion; as well as creating a concordant unity for peace in the group, we ensure that the classroom is a place where learning, growth and personal development can exist and flourish.



Marie Mamonia is the author and founder of WE MAKE PEACE. She ran a nationwide project in Denmark, 2007-08 with hundreds of school classes involved. Schools used the learning pack and participated in a final exhibition showcasing the students’ artworks for peace. The program itself was developed in collaboration with Danish teachers, UNICEF, Amnesty International, Danish Refugee Council, Center for Conflict resolution, Children’s rights and anti-bullying agencies, as well as a long list of artists in different fields, like music, art, design, film-making and architecture.

100 pieces of artworks including video, music, poems, collages, peace mascots etc. were exhibited at a month-long open exhibition showcasing the students’ thoughts and ideas about peace at the Øksnehallen space in Copenhagen. The program has also been piloted in the UK, 2009-10 and is now being piloted in the US prior to its official US release, this year 2013.


For more information contact us: info(at)wemakepeace(dot)org

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