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Every child needs peace

peace wish 1

Every child has the right to a peaceful life

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Every child should learn how to practice peace 

peace wish 2

Only by practicing peace do we become good peacemakers 

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Every child should have time to play and be creative 

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Every child should feel safe at night 

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Every child should have talented role models 

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The WE MAKE PEACE campaign is well thought out and visually stimulating and it tackles big concepts in ways that are accessible to young people. Its power lies in its positivity. It does not place its focus on the negative but instead embraces the positive. By encouraging schools to put peace firmly on their agendas and through their use of a contemporary approach they really are an exciting prospect.

Caroline Nicholson, Schools Programme Manager, WarChild



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11 Responses to MESSAGES OF PEACE

  1. Colin Toogood says:

    Yeah, increase the peace!

  2. Cakehead Loves Evil says:

    I LOVE the messages – full marks to whoever pulled off the grey bumbler costume. Was not one of mine! Love & light x

  3. Rasheed Bashir Uddin ''Alaq'' says:

    The pace at which peace is fast disappearing from the world today has caused each sane and sensible person to worry. This includes religious people, and also those people who do not believe in any religion. It includes believers in God whether one God or many gods, and atheists who deny the very existence of God. Each group has its own arguments.

    Whatever their personal beliefs, they all have valid concerns about peace. Man, who considers himself to be educated and civilized, is reverting back to the period of ignorance when personal ego and false pride, led people to cut each other’s throats so much so that whole tribes and dynasties indulged in such barbaric acts.

    If for the sake of our personal gain or loss or for the sake of our own rights, or for the rights of our dear ones, we fight only for our rights, but neglect the rights of other people, or usurp their rights in the process, we can never establish peace. In short, to establish true peace, we must understand the spirit of true justice.

    God Almighty tells us in the Holy Qur’an that peace will only come about with justice and benevolence.

    ‘O ye who believe! Be steadfast in the cause of Allah, bearing witness in equity; and let not a people’s enmity incite you to act otherwise that with justice. Be always just, that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah, Surely Allah is aware of what you do.’ (5:9)

  4. Kiyana says:

    I am luky the wor is not in are cuntry decuse if the wor was in cuntry evey one will be afrade ya ya.

  5. Terry Miles says:

    Heard of the
    just Google

  6. Lillith Foo says:

    I wish for every living creature on our planet happiness inside. Everyone has a me, imagine if every me in the world was a happy me.If every me was able to look away from their own believes and interests, to forgive and accept others for who they are and their believes.I truly believe that a happy life do not wish any harm to other lives. Instead of punish others for being different than yourself, open your hearth and help others finding happiness within. Evil creates more evil, a vicious circle that only people of the earth can stop. Learn your children to live a happy life. Our planet and life will be here long after we are gone, If we can’t make peace on earth in our lifetime, we might be able to create a peaceful world for future generations. How beautiful wouldn’t that be,. a world where every life matters to everyone, a world where every life is equally worth ❤

  7. Dee says:

    Blessings to you! The people of the world need more peace and positivity!

  8. Bawah Alhassan says:

    Peace is key to development and well-being and so let’s speak peace and understand each others opinions.

  9. Coming close to 14 and 15 Nisan, very important days for many Jews and Christians for sharing the hope of worldpeace, we only can hope more people would like to spread messages of hope and peace into the world.
    Good luck with your spreading your message of the necessity to come to live in accordance with all sorts of people, trying to live in unity and peace.

  10. shirien muntaser says:


    In A Day And Age Of Self-Righteousness, Let Us Not Forget Man Can Not Stand Alone

    My intent is only to deliver truth from the depth of my being
    For the reverence of mankind
    To the people of hatred who walk blindly in this world
    Their eyes covered with delusions of genocide
    Raising their fists of intolerance
    Towards innocent men, women, and children
    Let it be known
                                                            The Dawn Of A New Era Has Begun!
    Let us proclaim a New Constitution in our conscious minds

    Let’s unite in true humanity as one vessel we are whole
    Let us celebrate our differences by intertwining as a prism
    A path of multi-colored orchids
    Connect bridges to our Similarities
    Oh how beautiful that essence would be
    Let us exhaust all knowledge and come to a consensus of terms
    Open your soul whole-heartedly
    Console before we dismiss
    Respect oneself to receive respect
    Surely this will bring inner peace
    Logically these are simple sentiments
    Oh people of hatred
    Injustice is marked across your chest
    Tethered in your own immorality
    Carrying hate only hurts one’s own self within
    War amongst one another brings no resolution
    May we find forgiveness for others
    In our hearts, minds, and souls
    I urge you to commit to your truth
                                                                                                                          But keep an open-mind
    The key to a harmonistic and tranquil world is independence from ignorance
    I plead with every human being
    Join us to commit to an integrated, peaceful, and diverse community
    The storm of radiant light, compassion, and hope has taken over, flooding the skyline and

    Passing the horizon

    Eyes wide open

    I blow the horn calling out to pious people
                                        For this day is not of reckoning but reconciliation!

    Let’s strike a force of empathy towards one another
    We are steadfast
    Heedful in our ways
    Waves upon waves of roaring cries of happiness and
    Millions of pious people chanting for world peace
    We must believe in the seen and unseen by taking a leap of faith for humanity
                                                                There you will find the golden mean

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