WE MAKE PEACE proudly announce our collaboration with rapper, Presice who will facilitate our new, 5-week workshop program teaching Peace Awareness principles and rap history to middle and high school students.

Presice is a captivating, bright and inspiring educator with many years of experience mentoring and teaching youth to be strong leaders in their communities. We are very excited and honored to have him join the WE MAKE PEACE team.

Check out his blog> here

Presice at ps84

Our RAP FOR PEACE program is designed to provide young people aged 10-16yrs with the essential tools to express themselves in a positive way through valuable lessons increasing peace awareness whilst learning and practicing the medium of rap music.

Through the 5-week workshop program students get actively involved in tried and tested learning modules that raise peace awareness within and without the school walls, covering areas of sustainability, human rights, bullying, conflict resolution, promotes friendship and role models, whilst learning and making rap music history.

For more information about the program contact WE MAKE PEACE.


About wemakepeace

Founder of WE MAKE PEACE Danish born, poet, peace activist and reiki healer. Passionate about life and how we can make the world a better place. Peace begins with you, with each of us finding peace within and taking responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions. Peace is a choice we make in every moment. WE MAKE PEACE. Together we have the power to create a wonderful world based on values of love, equality, respect and freedom for all.
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