A wish for the year:

We the people come together across boundaries i.e. countries, nationalities, religions, differences (socially, culturally and historically) for a bigger cause:

To unite for a shared vision of love and peace for the planet and all life on it.

Things that we should do in 2012:
1. Put a stop to the financial corruption. All corporate money and interests should be taken out of politics. The people who have exploited and manipulated the system should be brought to justice.
2. Democracy and human rights should be restored to put the peoples interest and needs before profit. Democracy should be more community based, localized and active.
3. Everything put into production has to be sustainable.
4. Our water supplies has to be clean and protected from contamination and chemicals.
5. Our food supplies should be organically grown and produced in sustainable and environmentally friendly ways.
6. Internet should be free.
7. Education should be free.
8. Transport should be made environmentally friendly. Lets make the many alternatives to oil and oil spills a reality!!!

We have the technology, knowledge and human capacity to make this happen. If we work together, we are strong, we can do it.

Lets help the planet by giving up our egoistic, fearful and exploitative tendencies and step up to the challenge of becoming the powerful, responsible, loving creatures we have the ability to be.

The game is on. Who is in ?

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About wemakepeace

Founder of WE MAKE PEACE Danish born, poet, peace activist and reiki healer. Passionate about life and how we can make the world a better place. Peace begins with you, with each of us finding peace within and taking responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions. Peace is a choice we make in every moment. WE MAKE PEACE. Together we have the power to create a wonderful world based on values of love, equality, respect and freedom for all.
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