Marie Mamonia Talks About Peace Education


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Founder of WE MAKE PEACE Danish born, poet, peace activist and reiki healer. Passionate about life and how we can make the world a better place. Peace begins with you, with each of us finding peace within and taking responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions. Peace is a choice we make in every moment. WE MAKE PEACE. Together we have the power to create a wonderful world based on values of love, equality, respect and freedom for all.
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One Response to Marie Mamonia Talks About Peace Education

  1. G’day Marie ….. I have read your articles & about your work/mission ….. quite excellent – Never, ever give up! I am a Jamaican living in Australia – I studied Peace Research with Laursen Vig at Hesbjerg Peace Research College (1969 – 73) ….. a great friend ….. as you know he died some 5 years ago – in Varanasi on his way to visit with me at the age of 97!. If you are coming this way – you are most welcome – I live S. of Brisbane, inland of Byron Bay surrounded by 5 National Parks which are World Heritage listed. Do give me a call – please send your Tel. # ….. I will be in Denmark in April (2012) & would like to meet with you … will be on a world travel in connection with our World Peace Congress & Carnivale, March 17 – 23, Sydney – 2014 – a truly holistic event re. Peace – please plan to make a Presentation! We are working with the Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies (CPACS), University of Sydney & the Sydney Peace Foundation (Sydney Peace Prize) – & are looking for Major Partners – please join in with us – & of course Sponsors (big time – we need $375,000 for just the pre-event costs!!) I have circulated your information worldwide. I have circulated your information & a recent article by you on Peace Education worldwide. Please call me anytime on my Mobile # + 61 435 411 678. Walk Good ….. with Love & in Peace & Harmony. One Love. Peter (Bentley)
    Amongst others, I serve as Vice President – South Pacific, Australasia & Antarctica … ….. also am President – …..

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