The Mad Artist Tea Party is an upcoming art and cake auction/event/edible exhibition created in the name of Fair trade and creative collaborations. Think Pop Art, Impressionism or Abstract Expressionism but swap canvas for sugar and seriousness for a sense of contagious enthusiasm.

The Mad Artist Tea Party will be showing at The Future Gallery, 5 Great Newport Street, London, from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th. The event is kindly sponsored by Tate&Lyle.

We are happy to announce that WE MAKE PEACE will be one of the benefactors of a donation from the profits of the extravagant cake auction.

Please join us there!!


About wemakepeace

Founder of WE MAKE PEACE Danish born, poet, peace activist and reiki healer. Passionate about life and how we can make the world a better place. Peace begins with you, with each of us finding peace within and taking responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions. Peace is a choice we make in every moment. WE MAKE PEACE. Together we have the power to create a wonderful world based on values of love, equality, respect and freedom for all.
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2 Responses to CAKE ART FOR PEACE

  1. J murphy says:

    I was just at your exhibit on the last day and I was really massively disappointed in the counter active message you were sending out. Let’s teach peace and make change but let’s also waste food, ignore that there a ton of homeless in the area and dis-regard the message of waste you are sending out to children and adults alike. For someone who teaches to children daily and someone who is new to your organization, I can say you may have a good message but atleast I myself could not support or condone backing one message of change while completing disregarding one that is just as important. Just food for thought that should not be Wasted .

    • wemakepeace says:

      Hi J Murphy,
      Thanks we appreciate your comments and thoughts and would like to emphasize that Cake Britain chose WE MAKE PEACE as an organisation they wanted to support. We always give any collaborative venture great thought before entering into it, and The Mad Artist Tea Party sounded like a fun celebration of creativity in the name of Fairtrade. In the end all the cakes were eaten by the public, so we don’t see it as a wasteful exercise. Hope this help clarify our involvement.


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