Peace is our business and we love it!!

pink logo WE MAKE PEACE is a non-profit organization who work to  incorporate peace education into schools nationally as well as  internationally, through our materials, workshops and    campaigns. 
 Our aim is to make 2010 a landmark year for peace education in  UK schools. 

About wemakepeace

Founder of WE MAKE PEACE Danish born, poet, peace activist and reiki healer. Passionate about life and how we can make the world a better place. Peace begins with you, with each of us finding peace within and taking responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions. Peace is a choice we make in every moment. WE MAKE PEACE. Together we have the power to create a wonderful world based on values of love, equality, respect and freedom for all.
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One Response to Peace is our business and we love it!!

  1. Peacefrog says:

    Hello, if you would like to know more about We Make Peace, or ask a question this is the spot. Be the first to comment.

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