New Yorkers this is one is for you…

All kids ages 9-12years are invited to join our Peace Camp Tuesdays every Tuesday on July from 12-2PM. We will run a Learn and Play class with fun activities raising peace awareness.

For more information go to: and find us on your social media..

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Treats for Peace

Treats for Peace

You are invited to join us this Sunday for our annual Treats for Peace bake sale at Malin Landaeus Vintage Collections in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. We hope to raise $1K for our Peace Letters program. Please support and spread the word.

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We are honoured to announce that we are featured on Do the KIND Thing project competition page.

Please take a moment to VOTE for WE MAKE PEACE via the link below. Its free and takes less than a minute:)

We are in the running to win 10K in awesome project funds for our peace awareness programs building peaceful communities through peace education.

Thanks for your fantastic support.

Please Share and RT we need hundreds of votes to win this!

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Just in time for the Holidays WE MAKE PEACE would like to wish you and your family a merry, peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year and share some of our achievements in the last year.

Above a picture sent from WE MAKE PEACE in Uganda showing a WE MAKE PEACE class in progress at the Namilyango Junior boys school, where the students are busy writing letters to their Peace Letters friends in Denmark.

In 2013 we achieved to reach nearly 400 students through our Peace Letters pilot program that had students aged 10-12 write letters for peace with each other, to promote friendship and respect for diversity across borders. 

We piloted our WE MAKE PEACE school program at PS84 in Brooklyn, New York in the LEAP after-school and ran our first Rap for Peace workshop in collaboration with rapper, Presice. Watch the video here. 

Presice at ps84

All our learning programs and workshops are designed for students to find and make peace within, with each other, in the classroom as well as at the school to build peaceful communities and ensure that the classroom is a place where learning can exist and flourish.

In today’s reality we have to acknowledge peace education as the foundation for learning to happen. We see too many examples of children  suffering from stress symptoms all over the world to ignore the call any longer. Placing extra pressure on schools and students to perform better in tests and exams is not the way to deal with the situation. Lay the foundation correctly before building the palace, or else the whole thing will collapse.

It is a simple fact that peace is a precondition for each child to grow and develop and have the capacity for learning. So lets work together to ensure safe, supportive school environments, so education and true learning can happen. There’s enough evidence out there that supports this strategy, and we are grateful for all of our partners and collaborators who are doing brilliant work to support this important movement for positive change. 


Let’s make sure 2014 is the year where the wave of peace conquers all corners of the world with its message of hope and love. And that together we inspire people from all corners of the world to join the movement for change. 

Finally we are very excited to announce that we have partnered with Fractured Atlas as our fiscal sponsor, so we can now accept tax exempt donations from individuals and foundations wishing to support our work. All donations goes towards ensuring our programs reach the schools in urgent need of peace education initiatives. Make a donation today

We are also working around the clock to get our new website up, so please bear with us it is coming soon.

Meanwhile Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.



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Sara Savery Release Party

Thanks to everyone who came out to support our WE MAKE PEACE Benefit Event for Sara Savery’s US album launch in collaboration with DPC Records.

You can buy Sara Savery’s beautiful album on iTunes > Here.
and check out the latest updates on and

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WE MAKE PEACE proudly announce our collaboration with rapper, Presice who will facilitate our new, 5-week workshop program teaching Peace Awareness principles and rap history to middle and high school students.

Presice is a captivating, bright and inspiring educator with many years of experience mentoring and teaching youth to be strong leaders in their communities. We are very excited and honored to have him join the WE MAKE PEACE team.

Check out his blog> here

Presice at ps84

Our RAP FOR PEACE program is designed to provide young people aged 10-16yrs with the essential tools to express themselves in a positive way through valuable lessons increasing peace awareness whilst learning and practicing the medium of rap music.

Through the 5-week workshop program students get actively involved in tried and tested learning modules that raise peace awareness within and without the school walls, covering areas of sustainability, human rights, bullying, conflict resolution, promotes friendship and role models, whilst learning and making rap music history.

For more information about the program contact WE MAKE PEACE.

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